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Git & GitHub
I use Git and GitHub to keep track of changes in the project. I have found Git to be extremely useful in data science projects, among other things because it is easy to roll changes back and forth, and it is easy to share the project with others.
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Have a look at this introduction to Git. if you are new to it. If you have used Git before, but don't remember the commands, the Git reference might be useful. So are the instructions on the Git Large File Storage (LFS) page.
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More R Resources
R Studio Community, R Seek, Data analysis examples from the UCLA Institute for Digital Research and Education - Wikibooks on R (see right column).
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Clean Code
A couple of great reference works on keeping your house in order are Clean Code and The Pragmatic Programmer. Although focused on object-oriented programming, many of the principles can be applied to programming at large.
Code Style Guides
In addition to general works on clean code, two guides on R style are useful for clean and consistent R coding: Style guide in the book "Advanced R", by Hadley Wickham, and Google's R Style Guide.
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